Hearthstone: Would You Recommend?


Aidan W.

Staff Writer


I sat down with Thomas Wallison, a 10th grader, who has told me a lot about the card game, Hearthstone, in the past. I know very little about it, but people say that, as a competitive Magic: The Gathering player, it is something I’d enjoy. So, I figured, since I was learning about it, maybe others would be interested in hearing what Thomas had to say.

When did you start playing?

“I started playing just about a year ago. I used to see ads for the game everywhere, and it seemed like something I’d enjoy, but I could never find the time for it. Ultimately, I saw an ad for the new expansion, and finally was able to find the time to sit down and play the game.

“I wanted to get into it because it seemed like a skill based game, with a lot of strategy, which was something I liked. It’s a free game, but most people pay money in order to get cards. I never did, though. I’ve gotten as far as I have without putting any money into it, and I’m pretty proud of that.”


How do you play this game?

“Well, you build a deck with 30 cards. You start the game, and draw a card every turn. You have two types of cards: Minions, which are like monsters that you use like an army, and spells, which can affect the game in many ways.

“In addition to the cards you use in your deck, there are a few different classes. Classes determine the different cards you can put in your deck. There are a bunch of cards you can play in any deck, but there are also different sets of cards for each class. On top of that, each class has a Hero Power, that you can use at any time. It isn’t a very great ability, but since it doesn’t cost a card in your deck and you can use it repeatedly, it can be very good.


What kind of people would you recommend this game to?

“Well, I think as an investment, there’s two kinds of people who would play this game. The type of people who would put a lot of money into the game and get a larger reward faster, or the type of people who would put a lot of time into it and get a much smaller reward. It can be very satisfying to grind towards the cards you need without money, but it takes a long time. I told a friend of mine to start playing the game, and even though I told him not to, within the first few days, he had put money into the game, just because it was a much easier way to get into the game than grinding.”

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