New Shows Airing in 2016!

Arielle Moore

Staff Writer

It’s the New Year! Along with a new set of digits in our millennium, we’re also given a bunch more new things to consume: New media, new trends, and maybe the most exciting of all, new shows! Being a week or so into 2016, we’ve been flooded with a plethora of amazing new broadcast and internet programs. The most popular genres include drama, comedy, sci-fi, and even more recently, fantasy.

One highly anticipated fantasy show, airing on  Freeform (the new name for ABC Family) is called Shadowhunters. Based off of a popular teen novel, the program is about warriors (the “shadowhunters”) that protect this world from the demon world. It includes many intricate and upbeat plotlines, such as the main character Clara Flay discovering that she is the descendant of “shadowhunters” and must  which keeps viewers engaged. Many young adults are excited for this show because of how it appeals to their audience especially well.

In the crime genre, the new series Shades of Blue has gotten top publicity. Airing on NBC starting January 14th, it’s about an NYPD officer having her loyalty tested once caught by the FBI. The lead is played by Jennifer Lopez, a single mother who must balance her career and the challenges of being a parent, as well as trying to uphold her reputation as one of the few female officers in her department. This is a huge leap for the network and for tv as a whole by choosing a woman of color to play the leading role which is already receiving positive responses from viewers despite its untraditional theme. Shades of Blue is “a gem” raves The Wrap writer Heidi Patalano. “[The series] gets better and better as it goes.” 

So far, 2016 is off to a great start in the television department. Other shows that are getting great reviews are Angie Tribeca (Fox) , Blindspot (NBC), Angel From Hell (CBS), and the Shannara Chronicles (MTV). Many highly anticipated internet-exclusive programs are The Get Down, Master of None, Daredevil, and season 4 of Netflix’s biggest hit: Orange is the New Black. Which shows are you personally looking forward to?

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