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  • SLA breaks down “Breaking Dawn”

    By Sam Lovett-Perkins Staff Writers For those who have lived under a rock for the past five years, vampires have become a huge trend in popular culture. Its spread has been caused TV sensations such a The CW’s Vampire Diaries and HBO’s True Blood, but the biggest contribution to this wildfire of bloodsucking is Stephanie […]

  • Student-Produced Videos Take to the Web

    Plenty of SLA students create entertainment for the rest of the student body — from music, to visual art, to video. Three groups of students are working on their own web shows this year — “Leftovers” by Stephen Holts, “The Good Friends” by Anna Roman, Shelby Harcher, Markia Johnson and Elisa Hyder, and “The Friday […]

  • Student Plays Performed at Temple

    By Natasha Ashby Staff Writer This year, two juniors, Manna Symone-Middlebrooks and Jenn Wright, had theatrical works showcased in the New Voices: Workshop Productions at the Tomlinson Theater at Temple University. Both students had winning submissions in different Philadelphia Young Playwrights competitions, which they entered as sophomores through Mr. Block or Ms. Pahomov’s English classes. […]

  • SLA Slam Poetry triumphs in San Francisco

    By Mike Dea Staff Writer        Mr. Kay never expected that one of his students would win the San Francisco poetry competition. Up until the group started to advance in the rounds, his poetry team was just happy to be there. However, Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement (PYPM) went on to win at the […]