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  • SLA Ponders Possibility of A New Home

    By Alex Ringgold Staff Writer To most students at SLA, the soul of their school exists with the people in the community–teacher, students, and the larger community. However, none of this would exist if the school did not have an actual building. Most students don’t know about the history of how SLA was built–and how […]

  • SLA adapts to life without a librarian

    By Ryan Harris Staff Writer Mainly known for being a 1:1 laptop school, SLA also has a wonderful, and more traditional, source of education and relaxation for students: a library. The library is nothing on the scale of a Free Library, but through donations it has become a adequate source for information for the school. […]

  • New addition to SLA: apartments?

    By Isabela Supovitz-Aznar Staff Writer Loud drilling. Occasional hammering. Construction workers in the stairwells. All of these things have made students wonder: what’s going on in the building at SLA?Unfortunately, this construction work will not be benefiting the school, but is a project to turn part of the building into apartments.The division of ownership of […]

  • Senior Meeting Discusses Events, Hoodies

    By Samantha Beattie Staff Writer On October 17th in room 503, there was a senior meeting held by Pia Martin regarding senior trip and hoodies for the Class of 2012. As of Wednesday October 12th, the senior class has officially kicked off their year as the “SLA Class of 2012” with their senior class breakfast […]

  • The British Invasion at SLA

    By Sam Lovett-Perkins Staff Writer SLA is no stranger to visitors. With so many shadows in school each day, a few more students in class usually don’t get noticed–unless they have a British accent. For one week in October, SLA played host fiftenn young women from the United Kingdom as a part of an exchange […]