Concerts In Philly: A Teen’s Perspective

Ryan Harris

Staff Writer 

IMG254Philadelphia — known for it’s large amount of history and diversity, is also known for it’s multiple concert venues; with the many teens who frequent them.

Philadelphia is home to such concert venues as Union Transfer, World Café Live, The Blockley, and Philadelphia’s oldest: The Electric Factory.

“The diversity of genres and acts that the city brings in is incredible” stated Sophomore Dylan Long.

These venues have welcomed artists ranging all genres of music from hip-hop/rap, rock, metal, indie, jazz, folk, etc.

Even the same venue can host a wide range of musicians.

“I’ve rap and hip-hop concerts in the same venue I’ve seen bluegrass concerts.” said Senior Tucker Bartholomew.

The venues can range from smaller, for a more intimate vibe, to large stadium concerts for many big name solo musicians and bands.

“I love The Electric Factory, but The Northstar Bar is nice too because it’s a really intimate scene.” replied Senior Sasha Sapp.

But some people can feel differently.

“All the events get sold out in an hour since the venues are so small. There are huge venues but they are too huge.” stated Senior Marley Utzig.

Yet the fun almost always comes with a cost.

Tickets can cost anywhere from as low as eight dollars, for places like Kung Fu Necktie, or jump to as high as fifty dollars for places like The Electric Factory.

While some scrape together their ticket money from things like allowance, babysitting, and Christmas money; others are much more fortunate.

“I pay nothing, because someone buys them for me. But the prices aren’t too crazy, around thirty-forty bucks for the people that I want to see.” stated Sapp.

In addition to these multiple venues, other public spaces within Philadelphia have also been used as concert venues over the past few years.

The Ben Franklin Parkway has been the home of the annual 4th of July celebration hosted by Philadelphia’s own, The Roots and backed by artists like Hall & Oates and Jill Scott.

The celebration is one of Philly’s largest outdoor events, raking in nearly 500,000 each year and all for free.

Just last year, Philadelphia had the pleasure of housing the Made in America concert, hosted by Jay-Z himself.

Taking place in the Parkway as well, acts such as Pearl Jam, Drake, Kanye West, and even Run DMC played in a two-day concert all to an audience totalling around 80,000 people, from all over the country.

The concert only cemented the Philadelphia’s already large appreciation for live music, making it a “must-see” for many musicians as well and a great convenience for the citizens that love them.

“We have tons of awesome fans that make artists love coming to Philly.”


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