Junior Prom changes

Angelica Owens

Staff Writer


Over the last few months, the Junior Prom changed locations several times and changed dates as well. It caused a lot of stress to the two main people who were in charge of putting it together, Mr. Bey and Mrs. Martin.

   The prom was originally supposed to be April 17th, which was the day before the ACT test. Juniors kept saying they were taking the test so they didn’t want to be tired the next day which is understandable.

     To try and solve this problem, they tried to aim to have the prom on April 10th, but the place they wanted to have it at said they had to have it April 11th. Not only that but for the past few years, junior prom has been at Galdo’s restaurant in South Philly. They were double booked for that day so they cancelled on the organizers at the last minute.

Martin and Bey switched the reservation to the Waterfall Room, but they were also double booked that day.

     They kept looking around and briefly changed it to the school district building at 440 North Broad Street, but they wanted $5,000. Since the budget was only $3,300, they switched the location to Popi’s italian Restaurant as they still looked around to see if their was anything around their budget.

There was one additional change: with the date change, it also meant switching prom to a Saturday.

     “They don’t normally have proms on Saturdays because it is nearly impossible to book a venue on a Saturday for Prom. They would normally have it on a Friday night because Saturdays they like to book Weddings so they can make more money.” said Ms. Martin.

     Ms. Martin also stated that their stress level was “Very high. I think in the end it all worked out. I felt like some of the juniors were not as supportive as I thought they would be.”

    When I asked Ms. Pahomov what was different about having prom on a saturday, she said that “It was more like an event. It took away early dismissal. The adults gave up a Saturday night for the kids.”

To get a students perspective of the night, I asked Sean Morris what his his opinion of the night.

   “Overall I had a very enjoyable time, with maybe a few minor gripes. The biggest of it being the size; I didn’t feel as though there was a lot of room for dancing, which is one of the big points of prom. I felt that the food could have been a little more varied, but understand sacrifices made to appease everyone, and I might have also liked more diversity in the music selection. I did enjoy the availability of Shirley temples, and the location; particularly its closeness to that wonderful diner, it was overall able to bring some very fond memories.”

   When I asked Ms. Martin about her plans for junior prom, she said “not have one.” I asked her again to make sure she was serious and she was.

Sophomores be warned!

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