SLA’s Unexpected Early Dismissal

Sukainah Hassan

Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Teachers College Community School

“Omg, why is it so cold in this classroom,” students say this every time they walk into a classroom. They can be seen shivering as they go to their lockers to get their coats for the rest of the day.

On January 22nd, SLA students and staff had an unexpected early dismissal because of how extremely cold the classrooms were.  The school district decided this, after SLA principal, Chris Lehmann addressed the building’s dangerously low temperature.

“The school district helped with this issue by us having constant communication with both the assistant of the superintendent and the facility/operation team from the school district,” Lehman stated. According to Mr. Lehmann, classrooms were below 50°. Classrooms were at the same temperature as they were outside! Since this was the case, SLA had to close down for the day, so that the heating system can work in all classrooms.

“The school was in need of closing down because we knew that the heat wasn’t working, which is dangerous, and we need to have working heat in the building, Lehmann said. Eventually, the problem was solved. After the students and staff had an early dismissal, Mr. Lehmann called Philadelphia Management who addressed the heating problem.

With Philadelphia Management coming out to help with the heating issue, everyone was satisfied coming back to school the next day with no one saying “It’s too cold.”

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