Student Organizes Support Group

By Leah Kelly

Staff Writer

SLA freshmen Amanda Thieu is starting a support group for students as part of her “You and the World” project for the issue of teen depression.

The “You and the World” project is a project that English Teacher Alexis Dunn is very proud of, and one that all freshmen in her class complete. Each student chooses a topic/issue in the world that they are passionate about and write several blog posts about it full of research, original data and background about their project. The last portion of the project is to get the students into the larger community and make a difference.

When Thieu heard of this project, she immediately thought of doing the topic of teen depression, since it has affected many of her peers.

With her first and second blog post completed, she is now ready to move into the SLA community and make a change, which will be a support group run by herself.

“This group will benefit the SLA community by helping the people who attend to become more open, comfortable, and beneficial in their environment,” said Thieu. “It will also show them that they are not alone in whatever they’re dealing with.”

While Thieu is mainly running this support group, she will also be getting assistance and guidance from Siobhan Leahy, counseling intern under Zoe Siswick.

“I’m excited that two students decided to do this,” Leahy said.

Supporting her friend, freshmen Zoe Schwingel-Sauer is planning to attend this support group as well, saying that it’ll be a great emotional outlet for anyone who has issues that they want to talk about

“When I have something to get off my chest,” Schwingel-Sauer said, “there will be others to listen, comfort me, and offer advice. Even when I’m not the one sharing I can listen and apply the lessons I learn into my everyday life.”

If you are interested in attending, contact Thieu for meeting times, which will be on Fridays at lunch in Room 303.

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