The Fourth Floor’s Future

Staff Writer: Dylan McKeon

The Fourth Floor SLA’s art and literary magazine is an impressive story of success showing just how far a student run project can go in only three years. The magazine has allowed students to show their creativity to the rest of the school since its start in the Spring of 2013 by Leo Levy and Anna Sugrue.

“I was the chief editor of my art and literary magazine in middle school and I really enjoyed having that job and being part of the club in middle school,” said Sugrue. “I noticed that we didn’t have an art and literary magazine at SLA and I thought it was the perfect place for one”.

Sugrue knew she couldn’t do the project alone. “I teamed up with Leo since I more writing oriented and he’s more art oriented.”

Levy knew that there would be lots of students interested in the project. “Because of the philosophy of the school their are tons of really creative minded students here but their isn’t any infrastructure or platforms for that creative community to be together on so we figured we would build something that would bring the creative people of SLA together.”

The Fourth Floor has made several evolutions over the year, most notably working with the local publishing company The Head and The Hand to publish several studen short stories in a series of chapbooks, which were then sold in a vending machine located in the third floor ballroom.

“We’re also open to further permutations and were been considering what more the Fourth Floor can do for SLA in the coming years,” said Levy “We’ve considered opening gallery shows or creating some form of space for artists and writers to come together but we’re see what happens.”

The two are currently in their senior year and are making plans for continuing the project after their graduation.

‘We have been working with the underclassmen in the club for the last year to make sure they are prepared to take on leadership of the magazine, for our duration it has been entirely student run, funded, and operated and we would like to continue that so we’re working with specific students and the group as a whole to give them the tools to continue where we have left off.” said Levy. “I’d say all things considered I feel very comfortable about leaving what were made in the hands of people who will do a good job continuing it.”

“Our fall / winter issue was almost completely designed by a group of sophomores with Leo as the chief designers. Leo worked as the guide and editor but they did most of the work and will do a lot of the work in the Spring issue as well so we’re feeling confident about leaving.” says Anna

Looking back on the project Leo reflects on one of his favorite pieces.

“I remember one of the biggest surprises for me was when I first saw the eyes ended up going on the cover of our first issue and I was not anticipating that. They were so beautiful and unique and made me feel validated in doing the work I was doing.”

The winter issue of the magazine will be distributed next week, and the next issue will be published in late May or early June. Students can submit pieces of art and writing to the Fourth Floor at “”.

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