All Eyes on Ukraine

Sean Hogan

Staff Writer

Since February 24th if this year ], the world has had its eyes on the war that Russia has waged in Ukraine. The conflict has displaced at least 10 million people and resulted in sanctions and businesses pulling out of Russia. The concern about the oil supply has caused massive price hikes for gasoline, and politically the tensions are reminiscent of the cold war.

How has the SLA community been impacted by the conflict? SLAMedia spoke with students about their connections to and opinions about the conflict

Sophmore Biran Mahmoud told me about his family in Syria, another nation where Russia has been having a military intervention since 2015.

“My famly lives in the small towns/villages so they aren’t targeted by Russian artillery,” Mahmoud explained. “They do experience issues with smaller groups but don’t really come under fire.”

As for the conflict in Ukraine, Mahmoud is clear: “There is no point in this war, no one really wants this. It’s just an old man’s war.”

Mahmoud also recognizes the complicated nature of the conflict: “They (NATO) are already pretty involved in supplying Ukraine with weapons, ammo, and supplies. But they should instate a No-Fly Zone but that could start WW3 with them shooting down Russian planes. It’s a tricky situation with Russia threatening nuclear war.”

“It’s very unpredictable,” he said. “I hear the Russians are losing, but god only knows how this war will end.”

Senior Eric Casalena reported that he doesn’t “know every single detail” about the war, but enough to have formed some opinions.. ”

“I feel like no one deserves this and the only person who wants this war is Putin because even his soldiers don’t want this war.” He was also asked if NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) should step in and assist Ukraine directly, He said that NATO should Intervene but then asked me if Putin was threatening nuclear escalation.

When asked if he thinks Russian forces committed war crimes, he said “100%”

As for how the conflict might end, Casalena provided three scenarios.Number one is that Vladimir Putin and President Zelenskyy sit down and resolve this conflict peacefully, the second one is that Vladimir Putin gets assassinated, and lastly that Ukraine surrenders to Russia.

Senior Philip Lee said that his take on the conflict

Is “generally the same as most folks. Trying to take over a country like that isn’t too moral.”

SHould NATO intervene? “As of now? Probably not since I’ve heard their (Ukraine) doing a pretty good job at defending themselves to the point where Russian troops are refusing to go and would rather face consequences from higher-ups.”

He also stated he does not know if Russia has committed war crimes. As for how it will all end, “Ukraine will likely keep its independence and the violence will end though I don’t see Russia halting other strategies like media manipulation, data collection, spies, political interference, etc.”

While we may not know how this horrible war will end, we can only keep aware of the situation, Donate to charities and support the refugees of wars like the one happening in Ukraine.

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