Mess In The Commons

Cameron Booker

 Staff Writer

The amount of trash in the commons is absurd. People really should begin to clean up after themselves because this is our school and we should definitely keep it clean because our school is a reflection of who we are.

 As the first quarter comes to an end people are realizing the mess that is left in the commons and they really don’t like it.

 I’ve talked to a few students who don’t like the fact that during their independent study period they have to clean up after the other students. Some wonder why the students are “irresponsible to clean up the mess they made during their lunch” 

infact me and a couple of friends stopped sitting in the commons during lunch periods because of the amount of chaos and trash all over. 

On top of that, the students that have to clean up others feel unsafe and think that there is a possibility that they will get sick and don’t think that it is safe at all. So I have thought about writing an article on it so we can make a change and create a way for students to dispose of their trash and not have to leave.

Over the two, one hour long lunch periods we have plenty of students who eat school lunch, bring their own lunches and buy things from the school store. 

People sit in their friend groups and can talk until the end of their lunch band and the crazy thing is is that when the invisible bell rings all students run to their next class leaving the trash of candy wrappers, sandwich bags, noodle cups, etc. lying around and the janitors are left to clean up after them  this is not ok and we need to put a stop to this before it gets any worse. 

I wouldn’t say that it is the kids fault. I think that the fact students only have two trash cans in the commons is the reason there’s so much trash because there’s nowhere to put it.

The amount of waste begins to stink up the commons and we are left with food particles everywhere on the floor in my now 4th year at SLA. I wonder how we get like this and before it was never like this and what can we do to change it.

Having only 2 trash cans in the commons is a problem and there is an easy solution. I think that we should get some designated trash cans that stay in one area so that people can find them easily. I think that there should be a recycle bin, and another trash bin for just plain trash like forks, bags etc. 

If we were to put three of these connected trash cans in the commons in three different locations I think that we would be able to keep our school clean and this will keep us in the position we need to be this will always make it an easier job on the janitors, the trash would be disposed of correctly and it would help the world in a way because things (trash) would be going to the right location.

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