Column: The (Plastic) Infant Invasion

Mo Kelly

Staff Writer

It seemed like a normal day. I had just finished Algebra and was running down the stairs so I wouldn’t be late for Biochem. I’ve gotten used to the filth of the back stairwell, so nothing seems too out of the ordinary.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something unusual…  a small figurine baby.

I walked into my next class, still confused, but I wasn’t the only one. A classmate asked  if I had seen the babies. Apparently, they were all around the school, Hidden in lockers, stairwells, or any small crevice that they would fit in. Forget that day’s lesson plan — The babies were the main topic of conversation for the next hour and five minutes.

By the end of the school day, even my advisor knew about them. She had picked one up in the middle of one her classes, and she was also very confused.

Some of my friends pulled out multiple babies that they hoarded. Admittedly, I took one as well and am probably going to keep it for a very long time.

Soon after the initial fiasco, posters about the babies had appeared. They said that it was a game. “Find a baby. Hide a baby.” It called them “Nae-Nae babies”, which after some research, I discovered is a meme. About three days after first poster, a second poster went up declaring that more diverse babies were to be added to the bunch.

The game made sense, but I didn’t quite buy it. Why would the posters go up after the babies had already been planted? Now I was determined to solve this baby mystery.

Right off the bat, I had a suspicion on who it was. The wording of the poster was written exactly in the style of one of my friends, who has made other posters for the school. I texted him, and my speculation was correct. He told me he created the posters but did not plant the babies, just as I suspected. He thought the idea was funny and he and a friend made the posters in Dig Vid. But, he doesn’t know who hid the babies.

There is now an “SLA Baby Blog” on Instagram, documenting all of the babies that were found and where they were eventually re-hidden. Posts include pictures of founds babies and the posters.

This has all been fun to watch. But who planted the babies? A few days later, it is still a mystery to me. I’ve tried asking around, but no one else seems to know. Or perhaps they are hiding something. I don’t think I will ever find out. I think this says a lot about SLA as a whole. This school is a pretty weird place. This isn’t the only thing that has told us this. There are strange things constantly happening, and people just learn to accept it.

Although this was a creepy occurrence, it’s also definitely one of my favorite things to happen at SLA. Seeing people come together in confusion or just excitement about these odd babies shows that no matter how out of the ordinary something can be, people will find a way to interpret it and make it their own, whether it’s through Instagram, posters, or some other medium. SLA is a place where people always find a way to show their creativity, even if it’s in the form of joke posters around the school.

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