“Pray for Philly,” A social media outburst

Angelica L. Owens

Staff Writer 


Like most teenagers, I check my facebook on my way to school and even during school when I have free time. I am always looking to be updated on social events and to see opinions on things. Weeks ago, Aisha, a high school student at Delaware Valley Charter school that was located in the olney area, passed away. Over the last few weeks since Aisha died, I have seen facebook friends of mine reposting the post and videos that Aisha friends made. One in particular,  a video of a burial just for her friends to say goodbye. One of her friends Sasha put it on Facebook to show the world she will be missed. All throughout the page, I kept seeing multiple posts saying how Aisha had everything going for her and she had aspirations.

After a week since 15 year old, Aisha’s killing social networks has been an huge way of people telling their opinions on it. I am constantly seeing posts from her friends that went to Delaware Valley Charter school saying “R.I.P. Aisha”. Even people that did not personally know this girl, make posts saying how sad it is and the gun violence has to stop. I also see many post saying “Pray for Philly” because of the violence that occurs in our city.

Social media has been just one way of spreading views and opinions on this topic. I have even personally talked to one of my friends and she stated that she saw the girl on the train before. She said she had such a beautiful face it was hard to forget it and how it’s sad she killed just by being in the vicinity. There are no reports saying whether or not she was the initial target but news reporters believe they were trying to aim for someone else but she was the one that got shot. When social media is involved, everything gets blown to be more relevant. Social media brings power to global issues so that even if it is not on their news stations, people in other states on your friends list can see them and continue to share the information out so it becomes an international thing.

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