Students, Staff, Half of Pennsylvania Celebrate Eagles Superbowl Win

Senior Nathan Little poses with several SLA students — and thousands of Eagles fans — during the victory parade in February.

Autumn Lor

Staff Writer

If you didn’t already know — because you’ve been living under a rock — the Philadelphia Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4th. Fans from across the Philadelphia area were extremely excited throughout the whole week after the win. After the Birds’ triumph over the Patriots, two huge celebrations erupted throughout the city. The first was on the night of the win where students came out just to have fun. The following Thursday, over a million people came to watch the team ride on top of buses and dance around to celebrate their victory.

The School District of Philadelphia gave all schools the day off because the transportation for students would be differefult with everyone coming in and out the streets. Students were grateful for this because they’re weren’t planning on going to school on the day of the parade. This allowed students to go without it having to mess up students’ attendance.

In 2008, the Phillies won the World Series where, Counselor Intern Tess Lieberson came home from college for one night just for the Phillies’ parade. She said that she is a bigger baseball fan than football but because the Eagles are a hometown team, she had to celebrate it and enjoy the city’s victory.

The night of the victory, Lieberson went out on Broad Street. She was able to be in a safe place throughout the whole parade, but there were times where the crowd got hectic. However, it never got to the point where anyone was able to hurt her. The biggest problem that she had was walking home because the trolleys were packed. She didn’t live far so she was able to walk home.

For others, it wasn’t that simple. Junior Sharron Norton stated that on the day of the parade,  she had trouble knowing which stop to get off and which way to go. This was her first time getting off at Race-Vine on Broad Street Line and Norton ended up walking the wrong way. She and her friend needed to walk towards City Hall but ended up walking to the Spring Garden. Despite  the benefits of free train rides, trying to walk anywhere was nearly impossible.

After the parade, Norton went to Chinatown to find something to eat. People were waiting outside of Jefferson Station for the regional rail trains.

On the night of the Super Bowl, Senior Jhazzelle Majarucon threw a party for friends to come over and watch the game. Majarucon lives in Center City, so at the end of the game, her and her friends came outside and danced alongside with other fans, blew air horns, and screamed, “F– Tom Brady!” This chant echoed throughout the night and even made its way to Tess Lieberson.

Lieberson admitted to participating in the chant but stated that. they only pointed out to Brady and not the whole team was because Brady being the main man of the team makes him a very easy person to hate so for the fact that he was the reason why the we lost the Superbowl in 2004.

Not only did the city glow with green lights everywhere, the other Philadelphia teams have been experiencing a lot of victories as well. The Philadelphia Flyers haven’t lost a game since the Super Bowl. The 76ers are 8 win and 2 losses since the Super Bowl, and the Phillies are ready to get back on the diamond with a new team.

Overall, students and teachers all had a good time at the celebration and it didn’t affect the students the next day for school.

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