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  • Movie Review: Look Thou Eyes Into the Void

    Fatu Castillo Staff Writer I’ll be honest and say that if you have epilepsy or a weak stomach, you can save yourself some time and just click on a different review, because this one ain’t for you. Not only will you most likely have seizure from the flashing effects but you’ll also unload the contents […]

  • Movie Review: Fate of the Furious

    Deja Harrison Staff Writer The Fast and the Furious is an action series that is centered around insanely fast and illegal car races, heist and family. The recurring theme in the films are family is everything and they focus heavily on loyalty and trust. The films have been a huge success since the original in […]

  • Sick Fights, Lame Plot

    Fatu Castillo Staff Writer Let me kick this off by saying that I knew exactly what I was going to get when I went to see Kong: Skull Island. I didn’t go into the movie theater expecting to be blown away by an intricate plot like Inception or delve into modern societal issues like in […]

  • Movie Review: Life

    Caroline Pitone Staff Writer Life is a Science Fiction movie that has recently came out. I went to see this movie on a Sunday. My expectations for this movie weren’t too high, because there are already many movies out there that have attempted at a similar concept. Although I do like things that are Science […]

  • Movie Review: Get Out

    Mekhi Granby Staff Writer Last weekend, I went and saw “Get Out.” My only expectations for the movie was for it to be super good as I was told it would be by a friend and my sister who had already seen the movie. I didn’t watch the trailer at all, so I had no […]