Ask fm: fun or dangerous?

By Melanie Harrington Staff Writer

Do you like to ask questions online?

We’ve all heard of Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. The new site to joing htis group is a website called, was launched and introduced to the public in June 2010. It currently has over 125 million users, and its main design is to have users invite people to ask them questions.

This new website contains some of the same aspects of other social media sites such as, following your favorite people/friends and interacting with others through messaging. However, Ask fm takes it to another level by allowing questions can either be submitted anonymously or not.

Ask Fm is slowly and surely making its way to the students of SLA.

Everyday, users receive a daily question. Some examples of these questions are “What’s your favorite color? What’s under your bed right now? Love or Hate?”

Freshman Isabella Mezzaroba  said, “People’s immature sides tend to come out when there isn’t a name connected to their words. I don’t take the stuff on their seriously though.”

Recently, the site has been the subject of several media articles involving cyber-bullying. Apparently the site was being used to send rude, offensive, and hateful anonymous messages to its users. These allegedly resulted in suicides and violent deaths of teens across the country.

While Ask fm is a great way to pass time and have a good laugh from time to time, Mezzaroba admits that other social media sites have more ways to interact and have fun.

Sophomore Traevon Gray is in favor of Ask fm as well. “Its a fun way to see what people are thinking,” he said.  However, Gray does not recommend the site to people who are easily bullied.

Ask fm obviously has some pros and cons to it. In some cases it can be very harmful to people regarding the bullying. In other cases it is helpful and provides a good laugh and a distraction.





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