Common App & the College Application Process

The process of applying to college can be extremely stressful, as can be choosing which schools to apply to.

The important thing to remember going into senior year is that everyone has a different experience and a different process. For some it is very easy, for some it’s a challenge, it really depends on what the individual is searching for from life after high school.

Nowadays, the most common method of application is through the online application system, common app.

“Common app is a helpful tool, but I don’t understand why they don’t use more advanced technology like pdfs, they could easily avoid all of the glitches and problems that people have to deal with in the process of applying if they just updated the technology” said Senior, Tyler Creighton.

Senior Taylor Veasey felt differently about the topic.
“The common app is an amazing tool when it works. It saves a lot of time.” She said.

Taylor also applied to a record high of 43 universities this school year.

“I applied to 43 schools because I wanted to have options and flexibility. I know that to some people 43 seems excessive but when you are in a position of financial instability it is a good plan. My family is not able to pay for a college education out of their own pockets and I needed a very generous financial aid package. I received many fee waivers so I thought “Why not?”. I would not advise everyone to apply to so many colleges but, it worked out for me. “ said Taylor.

Taylor’s top school was Vassar college, where she applied early decision and recently found out she got accepted. She will be attending Vassar in the fall.

Written By Isabela Supovitz-Aznar


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