Hallway Fashion: Halloween Edition

Max Marton, Halloween 2011

What were you for halloween and why?
I actually wasn’t anyone for Halloween this year. I kind of got this idea to be androgynous and dark and I went with it. Eventually, my idea evolved into what I wore on Halloween. I guess there wasn’t really a reason why I did it. I was inspired, and I followed my inspiration.

I notice you dress up a lot, is halloween your favorite holiday?
Halloween is, in fact, one of my favorite holidays. It is one day where I can dress up in all sorts of outlandish attire, and it is expected. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up on days where it isn’t exactly socially acceptable, because I enjoy the shock factor. Halloween is special to me because I get more looks of intrigue and appreciation from people, instead of looks of revulsion or ridicule.
You outfit was homemade, where and/or how did you come up with this piece?
Like I said before, I got this idea for my costume, and I went with it. I wanted to take a suit, which is traditionally a masculine symbol, and feminize it by binding the waist with a corset and using a neck scarf instead of a tie. Not to mention the five-inch stiletto lace-up boots that I wore over a set of dress pants. I saved the drama and flare of Halloween for the hat, which I draped polka dot fabric and tulle over to create a veil, as well as affixing a blank mask on the brim, which created an overall creepy aura. I was very proud of my creation, and it served its purpose well, which was to push gender boundaries.
You remind me of Lady Gaga a lot, what do you think of the artist?
I like Lady GaGa, but contrary to popular belief around SLA, She is not my idol and complete obsession. I really enjoy her music and eccentricity, but it has been done before. I think that people like Grace Jones, Kevin Aviance, and Acid Betty were, and are still a little more interesting that Lady GaGa. Nevertheless, I commend Lady GaGa for bringing the unusual and niche performance elements that were previously underground, to the mainstream.

Interview by Nia Berry.


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