Hallway Fashion- Penelope Deoliveira



Exactly what are you wearing today, and do you know where each item is from?
The romper dress is from Forever 21 and it was 20$

What exactly does fashion mean to you?
Welllll I kinda just like to look nice. But I guess fashion also describes what type of person you are. Each person has their owns style, which reflects their personality, what they like, etc.
Do you consider yourself fashionable?
Yeah I guess so.
How long does it usually take for you to pick out the outfit that you’re going to wear for the day? What’s your thought process as you pick out these clothes?
10 minutes. I usually decide if it’s appropriate to wear to were I’m going. Also, if it’s too slutty I dont normamlly like to wear uber tight clothes. Also, if the pattern, material or colors clash. It usually takes me about 5 minutes at the most to pick out my clothes. Depends if I’ve done laundry or not.
Who/What do you get your fashion inspiration from?
Audrey Hepburn and sorta Lady gaga. I sorta like how Kim K dresses too, when she dresses professionally.
What are some of your favorite places to shop, or what are your favorite brands? And Why?
Forever 21 and H&M. I love these stores because they’re so cheap but have nice beautiful clothing. I like steve madden for shoes but they’re a little expensive.

Interview By: Kenyatta Bundy Jr

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