It’s the Super Bowl People!- Sports Talk with the Straight Shuter

It’s the Super Bowl People- Sports Talk with the Straight Shuter

by Jesse Shuter

Staff Writer


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This years Super Bowl is going to be one for the record books. We get to watch the number one offense take on the number one defense. We also get to watch two of the biggest NFL story lines square off against each other. The first one being Peyton Manning’s record breaking all time best season for an NFL quarterback. The other being Richard Sherman and his huge defensive abilities, and yet even bigger mouth.


I’d like to start with my prediction for the Super Bowl champion. I predict that the Broncos will win the Super Bowl over the Seahawks, 27-20. I predict a pair of field goals, at least, for both teams. The Broncos action packed weapon filled offense, will finally meet it’s match on defense. While the Seahawks offense is pretty evenly matched with the Broncos defense, except for their super weapon, some know him as “Beast Mode”, Marshawn Lynch.


The weather in this game should play a relatively big part in this game. If it is anything like the Eagles-Lions game, which assuming its snows, it will be, then it could completely alter the outcome. In snow, my prediction stays the same, however in a blizzard or even a moderately large snow storm my prediction changes. This is because in the Eagles game, there was no secondary on the defense, and no deep pass game. In this case I have Seattle winning 28-21. This is because there will be no field goals, and also seattle has a much better run game, and even though the Broncos have a better short pass game, if Percy Harvin is healthy then the Seahawks may be able to almost keep up with the Broncos pass production.


Pro Bowl Review

I would like to start by saying, nice try Rodger Goodell. The NFL Commisioner, Rodger Goodell, revamped the idea behind the Pro Bowl for the sake of the players. He in fact was ready to get rid of it because it cost much more than it earned financially. However the players much enjoy the Pro Bowl and all it’s honor. So Goodell brought in Hall of Famers Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice to make the game more fun.

I actually enjoyed the game. Sanders and Rice made sure that the defenses were actually trying, which was nice to see, at first. The first two and a half quarters were very entertaining, but then I realized that this was getting boring. As much as I hate the no defense Pro Bowl from the past, I still like seeing these insane offenses score in crazy ways that would never happen in a real game, but none of that because the defense was too good, and the offensive line was not.

My recommendation is that the Pro Bowl be replaced by a skills competition. This way the players get to be honored and the fans get to watch really great athletes to really cool things. It could be like a more advanced NFL scouting combine, with more difficult events, and also rewards. The players would be battling for titles like, fastest offensive/defensive/NFL player; most accurate passer; strongest passing arm; best catching ability offense/defense; etc.

Next Year

In the spirit of preparing for the Super Bowl, I would like to give my (very) early picks for next year.

AFC Championship Game: Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Winner: Colts

In this epic rematch from perhaps the biggest comeback I’ve ever seen the Colts win again, and the Chiefs realize why Andy Reid was fired.


NFC Championship Game: Detroit Lions vs. Philadelphia Eagles. Winner: Eagles

Another epic rematch from the Snow Bowl, in this scenario the Eagles fix their defense by signing Jairus Byrd/T.J. Ward/Both and the Lions new head coach Jim Caldwell realizes that there is too much talent on this team for it not to be any good.

Super Bowl: Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles. Winner: Colts

As much as I HATE to say it. The Eagles do not win this year, The Colts offense goes to fast for the defense and the Nick Foles makes at least one key mistake to cost them the game.


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