Locker Talk- Most Memorable Summer Experience

“One summer I worked at archdiocese. It was like an office job and my manager would give me an assignment and I’d do it, but she would let me leave early for the day and I would get paid.” – Deserae Gilbert, 10th grade 




“A few summers ago I first got my four-wheeler from my dad on my birthday. He surprised me with it and I was hype.”- Quran Riddick, 10th grade




“In the summer of ‘09 I visited my family in Ghana.”- Opoku Kwateng, 10th grade


“For one summer vacation, I brought my bestfriend who we consider family to meet our actual family in Virginia. It was a great experience.”- Nyla Moore, 11th grade


“I went to Disneyland when I was 5 and I ran into a pole.”-  9th grader  IMG_4099

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