What book would you like to be turned into a movie and why? Locker talk: by soledad alfaro

Ms. Menasion: I would like to see The Giver because I just read it and I enjoyed it.


Mr. Block: Half a Rising sun because its great and its got like a love angle and the struggle of growing up and of inequality and all those types of things I love it it’s awesome.


Jeremy: Once a Runner because it is my favorite sports book and I absolutely love sports movies.


Ms. Dianne: 11/22/63 which is the name of the book and also the date of Kennedy’s assassination, and I want this book because there was so much mystery behind Kennedy’s death and stephen King brings to light some of the possibilities that could have happened.


James Prell: Maus because it would be interesting in kind of a cartoon animation movie. It would tell a more creative metaphorical story.


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