Author: Harper Leary

  • I Don’t Fly to School

    Harper Leary Staff Writer Unlike all of my friends, I do not get a TransPass through school, yet I still take SEPTA every day. The School District of Philadelphia’s Transportation Eligibility Guidelines states that “Students in grades 7 through 12 who live 1.5 miles or farther from school are eligible for free Student TransPasses.”  Now, […]

  • Wardrobe of SLA

    By Harper Leary Staff Writer Philadelphia is a diverse city, and the student population of Science Leadership Academy reflects that fact— not just with their identities, but also with their fashion choices. If you walk down the hallways of SLA, your head will turn every which way to get a glimpse of all the different […]

  • Two Sides of a Building and City

    By Dinah Soloway, Sean Hogan, & Harper Leary Like thousands of students across Philadelphia, students of Science Leadership Academy are back to in-person school after a year online. Unlike the rest of the city, the building they are learning in is still practically brand new to them.  Previously located at 55 N 22nd St, the […]

  • More That the School District Can be Doing

    Harper Leary Staff Writer On Thursday, October 21st, I woke up with a sore throat, stuffy and congested nose, and overwhelming exhaustion, and took a COVID test at home. The results were positive.  Honestly, I was somewhat nervous and scared, but after being extremely careful for the past year and a half, more than anything […]

  • Students Transition to In-Person Benchmarks

    Harper Leary Staff Writer Many students’ first in-person benchmark season came in full swing towards the end of October. This was a typical start of the school year – except that more than half of SLA students did not know what to expect after being online for more than a year and a half.  As […]