Author: Jayla Wright

  • Senior Dues Panic

    Brendan Hall Staff Writer Traditionally, senior year is the most memorable year of a student’s high school experience. This is because events that occur such as the senior breakfast, graduation ceremony, and senior trip. While these events may be filled with excitement it also comes with a price. Senior dues, which covers the graduation ceremony, […]

  • Netflix Show’s Attempt to Stay Relevant

    Lily Bromley Staff Writer In 2008, Netflix started its streaming service and completely changed the way that we watch TV. It became easy to watch as much of a show as you wanted, without waiting for each episode to come out per week. There is one flaw with this model: in the age of binging, […]

  • Philly Weather Conditions

    Staff Writer Brendan Hall Harsh weather conditions are expected to happen during the winter, especially in an east coast city like Philadelphia. Since the change of the calendar year, there has been canceled school days, delays, and early dismissals. While it may appear that the school district has this under control, there are also students […]

  • What’s Up with All the Disney Reboots?

    Sanaa Scott-Wheeler Staff Writer Aladdin, Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Magic school bus, Mulan, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Pinocchio All your favorite childhood memories are back better than ever! Or are they? Ever wondered what Pinocchio would look like as an actual person? Of course not he’s […]

  • Educon Appreciation at SLA

    Mo Kelley Staff Writer On Friday the 25th, SLA students were greeted to guests visiting their classrooms and asking questions. Some kids were confused; who were these people and why are they in my biochem class? But to most of the SLA students, this could only mean one thing: Educon has begun. Educon is a […]