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  • New Teacher Profile: Alexis Clancy

    Braylon Dunlap Staff Writer As many people know, there are a few new additions to SLA’s staff this year with a brand new member being History Teacher Alexis Clancy. If you’re in her advisory or African American history class you may have already met her but there are some other interesting things about Ms. Clancy […]

  • Movie Review: “Do Revenge”? Do Better

    Lara Rosenbach Staff Writer Courtesy of “The Red Ledger” On September 16th, Do Revenge was released. After seeing countless videos mocking and praising it, I decided to form my own opinion. Before viewing, I put together a checklist in my head of what makes a good movie: great character design, a cohesive plot, and originality. […]

  • New Teacher Profile: Mercedes Broughton-Garcia

    By Maya Smelser Staff Writer SLA recently welcomed Spanish teacher Mercedes Broughton-Garcia, or Ms. Garcia to her students. After spending 7 years as a science teacher next door at Ben Franklin High School, she is transitioning to life at SLA. Background & Family Life “That’s a loaded question,” Ms. Garcia replied when asked where she […]

  • Column: How is the economy doing?

    Biran Mahmoud Staff Writer Americans are dealing with inflation and increased prices. What does that mean for us? According to CNBC Inflation kept increasing in March, the prices for consumer goods jumped by 8.5%, according to the Labor Department — states that this has been “the largest year-on-year increase since February 1981.”      Because of the […]

  • Should Kim Kardashian Have Worn the Dress?

    Lia Dunakin Staff Writer The Met Gala is an annual event held as a fundraiser for The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s various costume exhibits. It has a reputation for being both extremely exclusive and glamorous, but from its beginnings in 1948, the Gala has not always been like this.  The gala supports the annual costume […]