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  • Laptop Life and Times

    By Jesús Jiménez Staff Writer High school is the ultimate obstacle for teenagers. When students enter through these doors, it is expected they will receive their fair share of drama, friendship and an immense amount of work that will haunt them throughout the next four years. The latter applies directly to the community of SLA. […]

  • SLA Seeks the Popular Vote

    By Jenn Wright Staff Writer SLA currently stands in 35th place in the “Clorox Power Bright Future: Grants for School Programs” with just over a day left to vote. The contest gives away 7 grants to aid school programs. Over a five-week voting period teachers, parents and students watched SLA rise in the popular vote […]

  • SLA goes to the cloud

    By Sam Lovett-Perkins and Dalena Bui Staff Writers This year, SLA has adopted a new system of distributing computer programs to student machines – and this system has many students confused. In previous years, laptops would have all the needed applications installed when they were distributed to students on the first day of school. This […]

  • No Need to Torrent: An Interview with Ms. Hull

    When they got their laptops back this September, many students were surprised and confused by the new applications and lack of software. SLAMedia sat down with Technology Coordinator Marcie Hull to get the facts and reasonings behind the new procedure. To learn more about the change, check out the related News Article. Jacob Lotkowski: Why […]