Students Limited By Blocked Websites

By Tytianna Broadwater

Staff Writer

In this past year the school district of Philadelphia has been blocking websites that have previously been available to us.

Last year, there was access to websites and apps such as Spotify which only played music, but is blocked this year

No one really knows how or why the school district blocks or unblocks the websites, “I don’t know who’s mind goes behind the whole process and I wish I could talk to them,” said Senior Annisa Ahmed.

Teachers and students feel it’s a pain in the bum to not have access to Facebook because SLA does a lot of networking. “Facebook should be unblocked because it’s social media and Twitter is unblocked, so it’s basically the same thing there.” Annisa said.

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 11.31.01 AM

Some other students have mixed feelings about the websites we have access to, “They’re good at picking out distractions,” stated sophomore Melanie Harrington. “But they don’t realize that some of the websites are used for more good than harm.”

“Its not totally clear what triggers a blocked page” English Teacher Larissa Pahomov said, after her juniors wrote and posted their 2fer papers and then came back to find their articles blocked by the school district labeled as ‘pornography’.

Students at SLA have stated they get really annoyed when they are doing a project and they need a simple picture such as a flower and they can’t access it because of labels like ‘mixed content’.

On the other hand Principal Chris Lehmann does not experience content blocking like the rest of the school because of his administrative access.

“SLA would rejoice if things are unblocked,” Annisa added.



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