Author: Tamir Harper

  • Class of 2018: Life After SLA

    Tamir Harper Editor When it comes to college acceptances, The Class of 2018 students is making history. The school hit a new milestone when three students won a Liberty Scholarship at Drexel University. Seniors Tk Saccoh, Athalia Tan, and Seyni Ndaw all were granted the scholarship. Tan, and Ndaw will be attending while Saccoh attends […]

  • SLA as a Safe Space: Challenges and Blind Spots

    Matthew Milligan Staff Writer On February 2 there was an incident in which a student at Science Leadership Academy posted a distasteful video on Youtube. Said video entailed the student “coming out” as gay to a friend as a joke. In addition, as part of the joke, the creator of the video suggested that he […]

  • SLA and the National School Walkout

    Sarah Berg Staff Writer Last Wednesday at 10:00 AM, SLA participated in the 17 minute-long National School Walkout. The crowd consisted of students from every grade, along with parents, speakers, and faculty members. Originally organized to take place in the PECO lot on Market-Street, plans were changed last minute which ended up in the crowd […]

  • The Lunch Line Struggle Is Real

    Eric Valenti Staff Writer SLA’s lunch line — both its length and the constant cutting — is something that almost every student jokes about. People attempt to make funny excuses to cut in the line, such as: “I’m not cutting, I’m going to the boy’s bathroom,” or “I have to ask my friend a question, […]

  • New Congressional Map Changes the Game

    Tamir D. Harper Editor-In-Chief  On February 19th, 2018 The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just released the new congressional maps after the Pennsylvania General Assembly, led by Republicans failed to create a map that was not Gerrymandered. Since about January 1st, the leadership of the General Assembly began drawing the new Congressional Maps, but each map that […]