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  • The Faces of 440

    Profile on Ms. LaBan By Nuala Cowen On the afternoon of Tuesday, October 22nd, I sat down with Ms. LaBan, the assistant teacher of my journalism class. Being a professional in the journalism field, I wanted to get a deeper insight on the art of writing. Growing up in a suburb, north of New York […]

  • Movie Review: Upstaged by a Talking Sausage

    Fatu Castillo Staff Writer Hands down, without any competition, Laika entertainment Studios is the best in the movie making industry when it comes to producing stop-motion films. Artists at Laika work their gluteus maximus’ off modeling puppets, making individual faces for characters, and creating sets. Even if the name doesn’t ring any bells, you’ve probably […]

  • Banned Books: American Psycho

    Pablo Salvatierra Staff Writer (Warning: American Psycho is one of the most banned books of all time, for good reason. In Germany the book was deemed “harmful to minors” and had numerous sales restrictions placed on it between 1995-2000. In Australia, the book must be sold shrink wrapped and can not be sold to those […]

  • Here’s What You Missed at the Club Fair

    Fatu Castillo Staff Writer Hey, do you remember all those awesome booths at the Club Fair during the first week of school? If you answered yes, then sit down you liar! Science Leadership Academy didn’t even have a Club Fair this year! Isn’t that sad? Think of all the lonely pamphlets that you’ll never get […]

  • Varsity Boys Baseball Team Dominates E&S in Win

    On Friday, April 24th the Science Leadership Academy varsity baseball team took down E&S in an absolute rout. The final score of the game was a 15-0 finish in a mercy rule shortened game. The varsity team now stands at an 8-0 undefeated record and is in first in their division. The SLA boys team […]